Kentucky Department of Revenue Kentucky Department of Revenue Kentucky Department of Revenue Kentucky Department of Revenue

Strategic Plan

Mission Statement for the Finance and Administration Cabinet

Through leadership and innovation, provide centralized support services to all agencies of state government, other government organizations, and the citizens of the Commonwealth.

DOR Mission Statement

Administer tax laws, collect revenue, and provide services in a fair, courteous, and efficient manner for the benefit of the Commonwealth and its citizens.


  • Commitment to High Standards of Service
  • Commitment to Employees and Their Future
  • Commitment to Flexibility and Effectiveness in Serving Taxpayers
  • Commitment to Fair and Impartial Administration and Enforcement
  • Commitment to Professional and Ethical Behavior


  • Improve Services to the Agencies of the Commonwealth and its Citizens
  • Increase Revenue Recovery Through Improved Efficiencies and Effectiveness
  • Develop and Retain DOR Workforce
  • Improve Internal and External Communications to All Stakeholders
  • Decrease Taxpayers’ Burden to Comply with Tax Laws
  • Promote and Develop E-Commerce/E-Revenue Initiatives
  • Detect and Eliminate Waste, Fraud and Abuse


Last Updated 9/18/2012
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