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Current Year Individual Income Tax Forms

Paper and e-filed returns will not be processed until the official start date.The start date for processing tax year 2015 returns is January 19, 2016.

General Information:  The quickest way to file your return is to file electronically.  Both the Form 740 and Form 740-NP are available for e-filing for TY2015. The 740-NP-R is not available for e-file. 

The quickest way to receive your refund is to select the direct deposit option.  Your refund will be deposited directly into your financial institution account.  The direct deposit option is available for the Form 740. 

Taxpayer's have a new option for tax year 2015 to have your refund loaded to a non-reloadable debit card.  The card is provided by the Kentucky Department of Revenue through Bank of America.  This option is available for paper and electronically filed returns.  The debit card is an available option for the Form 740, Form 740-EZ and Form 740-NP but not the Form 740-NP-R, Form 740-X or prior year returns.

Electronic payment of tax due and estimate tax is available when e-filing your Form 740 and Form 740-NP by debiting (ACH debit) your financial institution account.  You may also make an electronic payment (ACH debit) for tax due and/or estimate tax by electronically filing the Kentucky Electronic Payment Request Form - Form 42A740-EPAY throughout the tax year. 

New for tax year 2015:  If you are paying your current year tax due by check or money order, a Form 740-V must be enclosed with the check/money order.  The Form 740-V will be provided by your software if you owe additional tax or you can request a copy from the Department of Revenue.  

Note:  Do not attach the check/money order to the return or Form 740-V with staples, paper clips, tape or any other attachments as this will delay the processing of your return.  Enclose the check with the Form 740-V. 

Need an extension of time to file your individual income tax return?  The Form 40A102 is available for e-filing through 4/18/2016 to request a 6 month extension of time to file. Direct debit of tax due is available for Form 40A102.The extension does not extend the time to pay your tax. 

Check with your software provider for a list of forms and options supported.

Tax Form Information:  Kentucky fill-in PDF forms use the features provided with Adobe Acrobat products.  There is no computation, validation or verification of the information you enter on the forms.  We do not assume this responsibility.  Note that instructions may require some information be handwritten on the form. 

You are required to provide your social security number on various tax forms per Section 405, Title 42, of the United States Code.  This information will be used to establish your identity for tax purposes only.

Please select from the downloadable forms listed below.  The link to the fill-in version follows the form link. The Adobe Acrobat "save as" feature has been enabled on these forms.  Please use the "Save As" button to save your fill-in form as a PDF document to your personal device.  It cannot be saved on the website.

TY2015 Tax Table - Fed/State Differences
Form Instructions
Individual Income Tax Forms and Schedules

740 Forms & Schedules

740 Packet - Kentucky Individual Tax Booklet, Forms and Instructions  [PDF 757K]  (Revision posted on 01-06-2016)

740 - Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return - Form 42A740 [PDF - 63K]  Fill-In version of Form 740 (42A740) [PDF - 208K]

740-EZ - Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return - Form 42A740-EZ [PDF - 68K]  Fill-in version of Form 740-EZ (42A740-EZ)[PDF - 135K]

740-X - Amended Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return - Form 42A740-X  [PDF 49K]  Fill-in version of Form 740-X (42A740-X) [PDF - 115K]


Schedule A (740) - Kentucky Itemized Deductions - Form 42A740-A [PDF - 60K] (Revision posted on 01-06-2016)   Fill-in version of Schedule A(740) (42A740-A)  [PDF - 139K]

Schedule J - Kentucky Farm Income Averaging - Form 42A740-J [PDF - 38K]   Fill-in version of Schedule J (42A740-J) [PDF - 98K]

Schedule KNOL - Kentucky Net Operating Loss Schedule - Form 42A740-KNOL [PDF - 30K]   Fill-in version of Schedule KNOL (42A740-KNOL) [PDF - 93K]

Schedule M (740) - Kentucky Federal Adjusted Gross Income Modifications - Form 42A740-M [PDF - 65K] Fill-in version of Schedule M (740) (42A740-M)  [PDF - 112K]

Schedule P - Kentucky Pension Income Exclusion - Form 42A740-P [PDF - 55K]    Fill-in version of Schedule P (42A740-P) [PDF - 203K]


2210-K - Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals - Form 42A740-S1 [PDF - 49K]   Fill-in version of 2210-K (42A740-S1) [PDF - 98K]

4972-K - Kentucky Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions - Form 42A740-S21 [PDF - 35K]  Fill-in version of 4972-K (42A740-S21)  [PDF - 102K]

5695-K - Kentucky Energy Efficiency Products Tax Credit - Form 41A720-S7 [PDF - 57K]   Fill-in version of 5695-K (41A720-S7) [PDF - 111K]

8582-K - Kentucky Passive Activity Loss Limitations - Form 42A740-S18 [PDF - 53K]   Fill-in version of 8582-K (42A740-S18) [PDF - 96K]

8863-K - Kentucky Education Tuition Tax Credit - Form 42A740-S24 [PDF - 52K] Fill-in version of 8863-K [PDF - 136K]

8879-K - Kentucky Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing - Form 42A740-S22 [PDF - 66K] (

8948-K - Preparer Explanation For Not Filing Electronically - Form 42A740-S25 [PDF - 26K]   Fill-in version of Form 8948-K (42A740-S25) [PDF - 138K]

12A200 - Kentucky Individual Income Tax Installment Agreement Request - Form 12A200 [PDF - 44K]  Fill-in version of 12A200 (12A200) [PDF - 101K]

40A100 - Application for Refund of Income Taxes [PDF - 32K]  Fill-in version of 40A100 (40A100) [PDF - 76K]

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Form 740-NP & 740-NPR Forms & Schedules

740-NP Packet - Kentucky Part-Year and Nonresident Tax Booklet, Forms and Instructions  [PDF 496K]  (Revision posted on 01-06-2016)

740-NP - Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return Nonresident or Part-Year Resident - Form 42A740-NP [PDF - 73K] (Revision posted on 01-06-2016)   Fill-in version of 740-NP 42A740-NP)  [PDF - 192K]

Schedule A (740-NP) - Itemized Deductions - Form 42A740-NP-A [PDF - 51K] (Revision posted on 01-06-2016)  Fill-in version of Schedule A (740-NP) (42A740-NP-A) [PDF - 124K]

Schedule ME (740-NP) - Moving Expense & Reimbursement Form 42A740-NP-ME [PDF - 43K]  Fill-in version of Schedule ME (740-NP) (42A740-NP-ME) [PDF - 84K]

740-NP-R - Kentucky Income Tax Return Nonresident-Reciprocal State - Form 42A740-NP-R [PDF - 56K]  Fill-in version of 740-NP-R (42A740-NP-R) [PDF - 169K]

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Scannable Documents

The scannable documents are not available for print from our website.  Please obtain a copy from your software provider or contact the Kentucky Department of Revenue.  See the contact information below.


The scannable documents include:

  • 40A102 - Application for Extension of Time to File Individual, General Partnership, and Fiduciary Income Tax Returns for Kentucky - Form 40A102
  • 740-ES - 2016 Kentucky Estimated Tax Voucher - Form 42A740-S4
  • 740-V - Kentucky Electronic Payment Voucher - Form 42A740-S23

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Package K
Form Requisition Contact Information

Kentucky Income Tax Forms Requisition - Form 40A727  [PDF - 52K]   Fill-In version of Form 40A727 [PDF - 126K]

Please call 502-564-3658 to request forms or complete a Forms Requisition and mail it to:

Kentucky Department of Revenue


P. O. Box 518

Frankfort, KY  40602-0518

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Additional Contact Information

DOR Contacts if you require forms not included in this list.

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