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Instructions for Authorization Agreement for Electronic Funds Transfer - Form 10A070

Registering for Kentucky's EFT program is now an online process with the Tax Payment Solution. Users of the Tax Payment Solution do not need to fax or mail the completed 10A070 authorization form to the EFT Group.


The tax type codes are: 011 for Withholding, 021 Corporate Estimates, 041 for Sales & Use, 036 for Bank Franchise, 051 for Gasoline, 052 for Special Fuels, 091 for Petroleum Storage, 046 for Utility Gross Receipts License Tax, 049 for Telecommunications Tax, and 043 for Tennessee Valley Authority.


DOR currently offers two methods of EFT payment options, ACH (Automated ClearingHouse) debit and ACH credit.

ACH Debit – This method of payment allows the taxpayer to authorize a transfer of funds from an account at an ACH participating financial institution to the Commonwealth’s bank account.  This is accomplished through contact with DOR’s data collection service.  The cost for reporting by using this type transaction is paid for by the Commonwealth.  Any costs that are charged by the taxpayer’s financial institution will be the responsibility of the taxpayer.

ACH Credit - This method allows the taxpayer to transfer funds to the Commonwealth’s bank account by instructing their financial institution to debit their account and credit the Commonwealth’s bank account.

Information outlining the procedures for submitting electronic payments will be forwarded to the taxpayer once the EFT Authorization Agreement has been processed.  Please allow a few weeks for the EFT Authorization Agreement to be processed by the EFT Group.


Taxpayers making payments via EFT must continue to file their tax returns on a timely basis.  The filing requirements do not change for tax returns that are being filed for Sales & Use, Bank Franchise and Motor Fuels taxes.  For withholding taxes, the payment due dates do not change; however, returns will only be required to be filed on a quarterly basis.

Payments for amended returns should not be submitted via EFT.


The DOR provides a help desk for EFT participants.  Please contact the EFT Group at 1-800-839-4137 with any questions about DOR’s EFT program.


Changes to your EFT account information can be made online with the Tax Payment Solution (TPS).



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Last Updated 6/17/2014