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2014 Individual Income Tax Forms

Forms will be added to this page as they are drafted by the Form Committee. All draft versions are subject to change.  See the 1D Barcode Design & Layout document for a complete list of TY2014 forms.

740/740-NP SERIES


740-X - Amended Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return - Form 42A740-X  [PDF 126K] ()
740-ES - 2014 Kentucky Estimated Tax Voucher - Form 42A740-S4 (The Form Id for scannable documents created by software developers is 42A740ES0002.)  [PDF 52K] (Posted 09-04-2013)
740-V - Kentucky Electronic Payment Voucher - Form 42A740-S23 [PDF 108K] (Posted 07-29-2013) Removed for Revision.  This form will become an OCR document like the 740-ES.  The substitute form will need to have data in specified positions within to form.
2210-K - Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals - Form 42A740-S1  [PDF 118K] (Revised 07-22-2013)
8879-K - Kentucky Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing - Form 42A740-S22 [122K PDF] (Revised 09-12-2013)
12A200 - Kentucky Individual Income Tax Installment Agreement Request - Form 12A200 [PDF 85K] (Revised 08-19-2013)
40A102 - Application for Extension of Time to File Individual, General Partnership, and Fiduciary Income Tax Returns for Kentucky - Form 40A102 [PDF 127K ] (Posted )


740-ES - Instructions for Filing Estimated Tax Vouchers 2014 - Form 42A740-S4 [PDF 77K] (Revised 09-09-2013)

740 - Instructions for Form 740 and Form 740-EZ - Form 42A740(I) [PDF 349K] (Posted 09-26-2013)

740-NP - Instructions for Form 740-NP - Form 42A740-NP(I) [PDF 205K] (Posted 09-26-2013)

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741 - Fiduciary Forms and Schedules

741 - Kentucky Fiduciary Income Tax Return - Form 42A741 [PDF 129K] (Posted 08-29-2013)

741 - Instructions - 42A741(I) [PDF 115K]
(Posted 08-29-2013) 

741(K-1) - Kentucky Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, Etc. - Form 42A741(K-1) [PDF 130K] (Posted 08-29-2013)

Schedule D (741) - Kentucky Capital Gains and Losses - form 42A741(D) [PDF 85K] (Posted 08-29-2013)

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Resources for Individual Income Tax Forms

1D Barcode Design & Layout (Individual Forms) 


Contact Information for Individual, Fiduciary and General Partnership forms

Primary Contact: Audrey Terry audreyj.terry@ky.gov


Last Updated 4/21/2014
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