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2011 Individual Income Tax Draft Forms

Form Name

File Size

Last Updated

740-EZ - 2011 Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return - Form 42A740-EZ



Form 740 - 2011 Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return - Form 42A740



Form 740-2011 Instructions - Form 42A740(I)



2011 Tax Table for Form 740-EZ, Form 740 and Form 740-NP



Form 740-X - Amended Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return



Form 740-ES - 2012 Estimated Tax Voucher - Form 42A740-ES


Instructions for Filing Estimated Tax Vouchers 2013, Form 42A740-S4 


Form 740-V - 2011 Kentucky Electronic Payment Voucher - Form 42A740-S23


Schedule A (740) - Kentucky Itemized Deductions - Form 42A740-A


Schedule J (740) - Kentucky Farm Income Averaging - Form 42A740-J



Schedule KNOL (740) - Kentucky Net Operating Loss Schedule - Form 42A740-KNOL



Schedule M (740) - Kentucky Federal Adjusted Gross Income Modifications - Form 42A740-M



Schedule P (740) - Kentucky Pension Income Exclusion - Form 42A740-P



Schedule UTC - Unemployment Tax Credit - Schedule 42A740-UTC



Form 2210-K - Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals - Form 42A740-S1



Form 4972-K - Kentucky Tax on Lump-Sum Distributions - Form 42A740-S21



Form 5695-K - Kentucky Energy Efficiency Products Tax Credit - Form 41A720-S7



Form 8582-K - Kentucky Passive Activity Loss Limitations - Form 42A740-S18



Form 8863-K - Kentucky Education Tuition Tax Credit - Form 42A740-S24



Form 8879-K - Kentucky Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing - Form 42A740-S22


Form 8948-K - Preparer Explanation For Not Filing Electronically - 42A740-S25



Form 740-NP - 2011 Kentucky Individual Income Tax Return Nonresident or Part-Year Resident - Form 42A740-NP



Form 740-NP - 2011 Instructions - form 42A740-NP(I)


Schedules A & ME (740-NP) - Itemized Deductions Moving Expense & Reimbursement - Forms 42A740-NP-A & 42A740-NP-ME



Form 740-NP-R - Kentucky Income Tax Return Nonresident-Reciprocal State - Form 42A740-NP-R



Form 12A200 - Kentucky Individual Income Tax Installment Agreement Request



Form 40A100 - Application for Refund of Income Taxes



Form 40A102 - Application for Extension of Time to File Individual, General Partnership, and Fiduciary Income Tax Returns for Kentucky



Form 40A727 - Kentucky Income Tax Forms Requisition


741 - Fiduciary Forms and Schedules

File Name

File Size

Last Updated

Form 741 - 2012 Kentucky Fiduciary Income Tax Return - Form 42A741



Form 741 - 2012 Instructions - 42A741(I)



Form 741(K-1) - Kentucky Beneficiary's Share of Income, Deductions, Credits, Etc. - Form 42A741(K-)



Schedule D (741) - Kentucky Capital Gains and Losses - Form 42A741(D)



765-GP - General Partnership Forms and Schedules

File Name

File Size

Last Updated

Form 765-GP - 2011 Kentucky General Partnership Income Return - Form 765-GP



Form 765-GP - 2011 Instructions - Form 42A765-GP(I)



Form 765-GP(K) - Kentucky Schedule K for General Partnerships with Economic Development Project(s) - Form 765-GP(K)



Form 765-GP - Schedule K-1 - Partner's Share of Income, Credits, Deductions, Etc., - Form 765-GP(K-1)




Resources for Individual Income Tax Forms

Contact Information for Individual, Fiduciary and General Partnership forms

Last Updated 12/3/2012
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