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2D Barcode Specifications

The following information is for tax software developers who wish to support the 2D Barcode on the resident and/or non-resident Kentucky returns.

2D Testing start date:  September 3, 2013

2D Testing end date:  TBD

2D Software Developer's Guide [PDF 104K] (Posted 08-28-2013)


Form 740 2D File Layout [Excel 37K] (Posted 08-28-2013)

Form 740-NP 2D File Layout [Excel - 36K] (Revised 09-19-2013) (9/19 - Changed field lengths on Schedule A limitation section.)


Form 740 2D Mapped [PDF 958K] (Posted 8-28-2013)

Form 740-EZ 2D Mapped [PDF 308K] (Posted 08-28-2013)

Form 740-NP 2D Mapped [PDF - 533K] (Posted 08-28-2013)


The following test scenarios should be used for 2D barcode testing for tax year 2013.  If you do not support a form in the scenario, please test that scenario without the unsupported form and advise what is not supported.  You are welcome to submit your own tests in addition to the ones below. 

Form 740-EZ

Test 1 - 400-00-4201 - Test A Easy [PDF 277K] (Posted 8-28-2013)

Form 740

Test 2 - 400-00-4202 - Test B Boone [PDF 547K] (Revised 10-09-2013)

Test 3 - 400-00-4203 - Test C Credit-Forward [PDF 427K] (Posted 8-28-2013)

Test 4 - 400-00-4204 - Test D Elderly [PDF 779K] (Posted 8-28-2013)

Test 5 - 400-00-4205 - Test E Evans [PDF 714K] (Revised 9-18-2013)

Test 6 - 400-00-4206 - Test F Farmer [PDF 518K] (Revised 9-18-2013)

Test 7 - 400-00-4207 - Test G Final [PDF 565K] (Posted 9-23-2013)

Form 740-NP

Test 8 - 400-00-4208 - Test H Smith [PDF 878K] (Revised 9-18-2013)

Test 9 - 400-00-4209 - Test J Jones [PDF 759K] (Revised 09-18-2013)

Test 10 - 400-00-4210 - Test K King [PDF 756K] (Revised 9-23-2013)



Primary Contact:

Audrey Terry, 502-564-7862





List of tax software vendors whose software produces an approved 2D barcode.

Approved 2D Barcode Software List  [PDF 90K] (Revised 01-08-2014)


Last Updated 6/9/2014
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