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If you disagree with an assessment of tax or a reduction or denial of a refund made by the Department of Revenue, you have the right to protest.

You also have the right to a conference to discuss the matter. You may appear in person or be represented by an authorized agent at any hearing or conference with the Department of Revenue.

At any time, after filing a timely protest and supporting statement, you may submit a written request for a final ruling. Department of Revenue may also issue a final ruling, without your request, if the dispute is not resolved. A final ruling will end the internal protest process with Department of Revenue and provide you the option to file a written appeal to the Kentucky Claims Commission.

If you do not agree with the decision of the Kentucky Claims Commission, you have the right to appeal its ruling to the Kentucky courts; first to the circuit court in your home county or in Franklin County; then to the Kentucky Court of Appeals; and finally, you may request review in the Kentucky Supreme Court.

Protest and appeal procedures, in their entirety, may be found in KRS 131.110, 49.220, and 49.250.

If your tax bill is not protested within 45 days it will become final, due and owing, and subject to collection activity.

Protesting a DOR Determination, Except Real Property Assessment Values

To protest:

  • Submit a written protest:
    • within 45 days of the date of the original Notice of Tax Due or
    • within 45 days of the date of the original notification that was sent to inform you of the refund reduction or denial, or other DOR determination.
  • Fully identify what you are disputing, by stating the type of tax involved, the tax periods affected, all disputed tax notice number(s), and the appropriate account number, Social Security number or other identification number. Attach a copy of the disputed DOR notice(s) of determination.
  • Provide a supporting statement setting forth the grounds of your dispute. Your supporting statement should explain why you disagree. Attach any proof or documentation available to support your protest.
    • If you need additional time to provide a supporting statement, you may request it. To do so, state your request and provide an explanation of your need for the additional time in your written protest and submit before the 45-day protest deadline expires.
  • For property taxes, include a payment of any uncontested portion of the assessment, as required by KRS 132.486(3) & KRS 136.180(2).
  • Sign your statement, include your daytime telephone number and mailing address, and mail to the mailing address specified by the notice of determination. Retain any proof of mailing your protest prior to the expiration of the 45-day deadline for your records.
  • If you fail to submit a written protest within the 45-day statutory period, you may lose all of your protest rights. The 45-day statutory period for submitting a written protest cannot be extended.

Protesting Real Property Assessment Values

The protest and appeal procedures for real property, other than unmined minerals, are not the same as for other taxes. Contact the Office of Prop​erty Valuation at (502) 564-8338, or your local Property Valuation Administrator for information about how to appeal the valuation of real property. You may also download this brochure: Appeals Process for Real Property Assessments

The Kentucky Department of Revenue conducts work
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