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Third party support for the existing motor fuel electronic tax filing system will soon be ending.  The Kentucky Department of Revenue (Department) is developing a new system to ensure that electronic filing and payment services continue without interruption. The planned implementation date for the new system is November 6, 2017.

The new system will continue to (1) allow web entry and (2) support current ANSI X12-813 data map version 4030 file format for electronic filing of your Gasoline, Special Fuels, Liquefied Petroleum, Transporter, and Terminal Operator returns and/or reports.  The Department will maintain the Federation of Tax Administrators' (FTA) Uniformity standards.  However, the new system will not support the ASCII file format.  Licensed dealers currently using the ASCII spreadsheet will have to use one of the two methods above to file returns.  The file format is located on our website at: .

The Department will continue to provide updates as development progresses and will provide training opportunities before final implementation.  Department staff are available to provide further detail as required to assist in this transition.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Department by email at or by phone at 502-564-3853.

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