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If you can't pay your debt in full, please don't panic or ignore the debt in hopes it will go away. We understand that many people deal with financial difficulties due to losing a job, health issues, or permanent or temporary disabilities. Owing money to the government can be frightening, but we're here to help you.

Offer in Settlement

The Division of Collections’ Offer in Settlement Program allows the Department to settle a case for less than what is actually owed. Qualifications for eligibility depend on your case and financial situation.

Payment Plans for Qualified Applicants

Don’t ignore your debt. The Department of Revenue will always attempt to work with you in order to pay your debt but you must contact us. If you don't make acceptable payment arrangements and/or don’t make the payments you agreed to, the Department of Revenue will take action to collect the money you owe.

Learn About Payment Plans

Not paying your taxes can result in the Department of Revenue taking Collection Actions.

Safeguarding your tax information is our number one priority and we will not talk to anyone besides you unless given permission. If you want someone else to call us on your behalf, an accountant, for example, you need to submit a Federal Form 2848​.

Download the Taxpayer Bill of Rights

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