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!!icon.pngIt may take up to three weeks to process paper Tax Registration Applications (Form 10A100) that have been mailed, faxed, or emailed to the department.  For faster processing, please apply for your business tax account numbers online at

​​​​​​Register or Reinstate a Business

Step 1: Legally Establish Your Business

Note: Sole Proprietorships & General Partnerships should contact the County Clerk where the business is located. All other business structures should register with the Kentucky Secretary of State, on the Kentucky Business OneStop Portal.

Step 2: Obtain Your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) from the IRS.

  • Click here to access the Internal Revenue Service webpage.

Step 3: Register for Tax Accounts and the Commonwealth Business Identifier (CBI).

Commonwealth Business Identifier (CBI): A unique, ten-digit, number assigned to all Kentucky businesses. The CBI allows the business to be easily identified by all state agencies that utilize the Kentucky OneStop Portal.

  • Complete the online registration via the Kentucky Business OneStop portal. Click here to access the online portal.

Note: For assistance with registering your business on the Kentucky Business OneStop portal, contact the OneStop Help Line at (502) 564-5053.

Step 4: If necessary, complete the specialty applications below:

Step 5: Register with other State, County, and Local Governments as appropriate for your business.

  • Many cities and counties require a local business license and/or impose an occupational tax or other type of tax on individuals and firms conducting business within their jurisdiction. Pursuant to KRS 67.766, occupational license tax forms for each Kentucky taxing district that imposes such a tax are now available online- Occupational License Tax Forms Database.
  • To learn about your requirements in this area, begin by contacting the city/county government where your principal place of business in Kentucky will be located. You should also check with each city/county government where you intend to transact business or have a business presence. For example, if a construction firm intends to establish a principal office in county A, but plans to do work in county A and county B, the construction firm should begin by contacting county A regarding business registration requirements, and they should then contact county B to see if registration is required in that county.

Step 6: To Reinstate Business Tax Accounts or to Apply for Additional Accounts, click here.

  • For additional information on registering for additional tax accounts, click here.
  • For additional information on reinstating an account, click here.


Business Registration

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