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​​​​Thousands of Kentuckians are beating the system by using out-of-state license plates or temporary tags. This costs Kentucky millions of dollars annually.

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The motor vehicle usage tax is used to build and maintain Kentucky's highways. Approximately 60% of the proceeds go to the local community, funding your public schools, fire departments, ambulance services, and libraries, with the remainder contributing to the General Fund.  (KRS 186.150

If you see Kentucky residents abusing the system by operating motor vehicles on Kentucky highways for more than 15 days with out-of-state license plates or driving with expired temporary or permanent tags, please help DOR identify those Freeroaders.

  • Report online
  • Call 1-800-882-8990
  • Mail to:
      Kentucky Department of Revenue
      501 High Street, Station 32
      Frankfort, KY 40620

Please provide as much information as possible. You do not need to identify yourself. The Department of Revenue will take appropriate action to collect taxes due.

The Kentucky Department of Revenue conducts work
under the authority of the Finance and Administration Cabinet.