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​​​Personal Watercraft - Kentucky Registered  

Taxpayers must annually register the following watercraft with the County Clerk in the county of location.

  • Personal Boats                           
  • Fishing Boats                     
  • House Boats                       
  • Cruisers                  
  • Jet Skis
  • Sail Boats

US Coast Guard Documented Boat - Personal  

Owners of boats not used for Business Commercial purposes should file form 62A500-W​ by May 15th.

US Coast Guard Documented Boat - Commercial   

Owners of boats used f​or Business Commercial Purposes/Rented/For hire & compensation should file Schedule C of form 62A500(P) by May 15th.

Commercial Watercraft

Owners of the following types of commercial watercraft should file form 61A207(P) by May 15th:

  • Barges - Flat, Deck, Lash, Tank, Liquid, Dry Open, Covered, Specialized 
  • Tankers & Containerships                                                                              
  • Tow Boats & Push Boats
  • Ferry Boats
  • Excursion Vessels – Over Night, Paddle Wheelers, Mobile Dining Boats

Commercial dining barges/boats at a permanent Kentucky site are classified as Real Property and must file with the Property Valuation Administrator.

Dredging/construction vessels at an indefinite Kentucky work site must file 62A500(P)​ by May 15th

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