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The Department of Revenue is now accepting applications to register as a third party purchaser of certificates of delinquency in Kentucky effective for the calendar year of 2024. All third party purchasers who meet thefollowing conditions must register with the Department of Revenue:

•You plan to purchase more than three certificates of delinquency in a county;
•You plan to purchase more than five certificates of delinquency statewide; or
•You plan to invest more than $ 10, 000 in certificates of delinquency.

You will be eligible to begin purchasing certificates of delinquency from any tax year 60 days from the date your application is received by the Department of Revenue. Since the tax sales will begin in mid-July your application needs to be received no later than May 15, 2024 to ensure you will be able to participate in every county’s tax sale. The day you may start purchasing certificates of delinquency in 2024 will be noted on your registration certificate.

A registration fee of $250-payable to the Kentucky State Treasure-needs to accompany your registration application.

There will also be a separate registration process at each county clerk’s office that all third party purchasers must follow. Each county clerk will advertise his or her specific registration deadlines at least 30 days prior to the county’s tax sale date. Separate registration fees and deposits will be required by each county clerk’s office. 

Links are listed below that will provide you with access to the Application for Certificate of Registration to Purchase Certificates of Delinquency and the accompany instructions. In addition, links to the regulations that provide more specific details about the registration process are shown. 103 KAR 5:180 provides detailed information about the registration and tax sale process that will be followed in each county clerk’s office while 103 KAR 5:190 lists the registration requirements for third party purchasers who must file with the Department of Revenue.

In addition, there are links to the various statutes that need to be reviewed by all third party purchasers of certificates of delinquency. Major topics addressed by these statutes include the notice requirements, returned mail procedures, fee limitations and the refund process.

Finally, there is a regulation that details the installment payment plan process that must be followed by third party purchasers. This regulation is KAR 103 5:220 and link is listed below. An installment payment plan calculator along with instructions and an example have been developed to assist third party purchasers meet the requirements of this regulation.

Links will be posted to this web page that provide you with lists of all third party purchasers who have registered with the Department of Revenue. Additionally, a list of specific tax sale dates for each county clerk and the website addresses used by each county clerk to advertise the 2023 certificates of delinquency will be available beginning in the spring 2024.

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