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A Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) is elected in each county of the state. The elections of all PVAs are conducted in the same year in which county elections are held, with the term beginning on the first Monday in December after the election and continuing for four years. An individual who seeks the office of PVA through election or appointment must first meet the following minimum qualifications. The candidate must be: 

  • Be at least 24 years of age;
  • Be a citizen of Kentucky;
  • Have resided in the state at least two years preceding the election; and
  • Have resided in the county at least one year preceding the election.

In addition to the minimum qualifications listed above, an individual must pass a qualifying examination administered by the Department of Revenue in order to be eligible to run for the office of PVA. A certificate is issued to everyone who passes the qualifying examination. Each certificate expires one year from the date of issuance. Incumbent PVAs are not required to take the examination again to run for re-election.

The written examination is based on verbal and mathematical skills.  All materials necessary to take the examination, including calculators, are supplied.  There is no study guide for the exam.  Qualified examinees with a score of 70% or better will be eligible to run for PVA.

The location of the examination is announced prior to the date of the examination.  Government-issued photo identification is required for all examinees. 

Special Examinations

Although a statewide qualifying examination is held every four years, whenever a vacancy occurs in a PVA office, a special examination must be conducted.  Only residents of the county in which the vacancy exists are eligible to take a special examination. 

When a special examination is necessary, the date, time and location will be announced through a press release to the local media and an announcement will be posted to this page on the Department of Revenue's website.  A successful candidate will be appointed by the Governor to serve as PVA until an election can be held.  The appointee is typically his or her party's nominee to run for election to the office.  The winner of the election will then serve out the remainder of the term and is eligible to run for re-election.

If you have any questions concerning the PVA exam process, please contact Leslie Mayes at or at (502) 564-1258.

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