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​Taxpayers who make electronic ACH Payments through the Kentucky Department of Revenue's Electronic Payment Application or the Tax Payment Solution Application (TPS) should be aware of the following:  If a payment is returned for one of the return codes below, a payment hold will be placed on your bank account.  This will prevent the same bank account from processing future transactions with the department. 

  • R02 (Account Closed)
  • R03 (No acct/Unable to locate account) 
  • R04 (Invalid Account Number)
  • R05 (Unauthorized Debit)
  • R06 (Returned per ODFI's Request)
  • R07 (Authorization Revoked by Customer)
  • R08 (Payment Stopped)
  • R10 (Customer Advises Not Authorized)
  • R12 (Account Sold to another DFI)
  • R16 (Account Frozen)
  • R20 (Non Transient Account)
  • R23 (Credit Refused by Receiver)
  • R29 (Corp. Customer Advises Not Authorized)

​To have the hold released, the account holder must contact their financial institution to correct the matter.  The account holder must then contact the department via email or in writing stating that the issue has been corrected and future payments will not be affected.

Once received, the department will forward the correspondence to our payment vendor and request the hold be lifted.  Once verification of clearance has been received, the taxpayer will be notified and payments will then be allowed to process.

If you have questions or need assistance please contact Amy Sisk at 502-564-4921, ext. 4420 regarding the Department of Revenue's Electronic Payment Application or Angela Wyatt at 502-564-6750 regarding the Tax Payment Solution (TPS) Application.

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