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​​The Department of Revenue supports counties that do not have Geographical Information Systems software or need assistance with digital mapping. W​e primarily support local Property Value Administrators, but we can also build maps for any state government agency within the Commonwealth.  

Services​ Offered

  • Assist with digital and paper maps
  • Provide GIS data products for sale in both digital and paper formats

All digital data and maps sold will be stamped with disclaimers stating, “Maps to be used for identification only not for conveyance.”

All request should first be made with the local PVA office in person or by telephone.​

Maps Sales

  • Patti Royster - (502) 564-7018
  • Mike Tackett - (502) 564-7220
  • Mike Wolff - (502) 564-2688
  • David Thornton - (502) 564-7017
  • David Wilson - (502) 564-4248​


  • Standard PVA map print:  24x27 inches - $25 dollars​​

GIS Digital Data

  • $50 Request fee
  • 30 cents for parcels without ownership records
  • 40 cents for parcels with ownership records
  • Special Projects will be may have a $20 per hour staff time charge.

(Ex. Rectifying plats to digitize gas lines)

Media Fee

  • Diskette - $2.00
  • CD/DVD - $10.00

Mailing Fee: Actual shipping cost​

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