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​​​​​​​​KRS 132.820​ ​requires the Department of Revenue to value and assess unmined coal, oil, gas reserves and any other mineral or energy resources which are owned, leased or otherwise controlled separately from the surface real property at no more than fair market value in place, considering all relevant circumstances. Unmined coal, oil, gas reserves and other mineral or energy resources shall in all cases be valued and assessed by the Department of Revenue as a distinct interest in real property, separate and apart from the surface real estate.

The Department of Revenue maintains two branches to handle the assessment of unmined minerals: the Unmined Coal Property Tax Branch and the Minerals Valuation Branch for all other minerals including, but not limited to oil, gas, limestone, clay, sand and gravel. Please select the appropriate branch to access information regarding the type of minerals that you are needing. On the appropriate page you will find the most up to date statutes, tax return forms, formulas, and market data used to calculate the assessments for these minerals as well as contact information for each branch.

​Clay​​ Property Tax Return

2024 Clay Property Tax Return Click here​

Limestone, Sand & Gravel Property Tax Return 

2024 Limestone Sand and Gravel Property Tax Return  ​Click here

​Oil Property Tax Return

2024 Oil Property Tax Return Click here

2024 Oil Property Tax Return Template  (Excel) Click here

Natural Gas Property Tax Return

2024 Natural Gas Property Tax Return  Click here

2024 Natural Gas Property​ Tax Return Template  (Excel)​ Click here

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