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​​In Kentucky, homeowners who are least 65 years of age or who have been classified as totally disabled and meet other requirements are eligible to receive a homestead exemption. This exemption is applied against the assessed value of their home and their property tax liability is computed on the assessment remaining after deducting the exemption amount.

Application Based on Age

An application to receive the homestead exemption is filed with the property valuation administrator of the county in which the property is located.  If the application is based upon the age of the homeowner, the property owner can provide proof of their age by presenting a birth certificate, driver’s license, passport or other approved documentation.

Application Based on Disability

If the application is based on the disability of the homeowner, then the homeowner must have been classified as totally disabled under a program authorized or administered by an agency of the United States government or any retirement system located within or outside of Kentucky.

The homeowner must have been receiving payments pursuant to his or her disability for the entire assessment period.

The homeowner must apply annually to con​tinue to receive the exemption based upon a total disability, unless:
  • They are a veteran of the United States Armed Forces and have a service connected disability; 
  • They have been determined to be totally and permanently disabled under the rules of the Social Security Administration; or 
  • They have been determined to be totally and permanently disabled under the rules of the Kentucky Retirement Systems.  

The value of the homestead exemption for the 2023-2024 assessment years was $46,350. This amount is deducted from the assessed value of the applicant's home and property taxes are computed based upon the remaining assessment. For example, if the applicant's residence is assessed at a value of $200,000, property taxes would be computed on $153,650 (200,000 – 46,350). The amount of the homestead exemption is recalculated every two years to adjust for inflation.​

Submitting a Homestead Exemption Application

  1. Complete the Application for Exemption Under the Homestead/Disability Amendment.​
  2. Gather any supporting documentation.
  3. Contact your local Property Value Adm​inistrator at Find My ​PVA​.​​

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