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​Before You Get Started

​With KY File, there are no limitations for income, age, location, or any other criteria. KY File provides forms that most individual taxpayers require to file their taxes (see downloadable forms). Note: KY File is not intended to be used by paid tax preparers.

​KY File is like a simple, electronic equivalent of paper forms. It provides basic mathematical calculations and basic field error checking. Unlike most tax software, it doesn't ask about or explain tax situations, perform complex calculations, or provide extensive error checking. KY File only provides forms for Kentucky taxes, while most tax software provides both federal and state forms.

​Yes. However, if you are using a public computer, such as a public library computer or other shared computer, be sure to sign out and completely close the browser before leaving the computer.

No. If you want to prepare and file your federal income tax return, you may want to choose a free file tax software program or look for other federal tax preparation and e-filing options.  Your federal return will need to be completed before beginning your Kentucky return.

All Individual forms are available; however, not all forms perform calculations.  Form 2210-K does not perform any calculations for you.  If you use this form you will need to perform the calculations yourself and enter the calculated totals into the form. ​

Yes. Users can file the current year tax return, as well as tax years 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.​​​​

​You can only file one return for each year. If you made a mistake, you can file one amended return; otherwise, you will have to use another means to file an amended return. However, if you chose to print and mail your return, you may return to KY File to make corrections and print again or submit electronically.

​KY File will be available through December 7th.

KY File allows taxpayers to complete their tax forms online, using the computer, and e-file over the internet. Unlike paper returns, KY File provides basic math calculations and basic field validation checking. Electronically filed returns are typically processed within 4-6 weeks.  However, if you chose to mail in your return, the processing time frame increases to 10-14 weeks.​​

​Navigating KY File

​Yes. KY File uses an internet browser pop-up feature for some of its operations. Disabling pop-ups or using pop-up blockers on your internet browser while using KY File might result in a failure to save or submit returns online through KY File.

You will need to disable the pop-up blocking feature on whichever internet browser you are using. Click here for helpful hints on how to disable pop-up blockers.

​You can access any of the forms by either clicking on the form name on the left side of the web page where all of the forms are listed or by clicking on the blue links to forms appearing in the instruction lines throughout the return.

  • Blue indicates calculated fields.
  • Black indicates user entered fields.
  • Red indicates an error exists.

​Yes.  We encourage you to upload required attachments.  For example, if you are required to attach your federal return, you may do that at any time during the process. 

​Yes.  If there is no activity for 20 minutes, you will be given a message asking if you're still working.  If no response is given, your session will timeout. 

​All data that is saved and not yet submitted will be completely saved until April 15. Beginning April 15, data will save for 90 days or until it is submitted. However, all data will purge on December 7.

Yes.  If you chose to file electronically, you will need to check the box that says:  Click here if you want to save a copy for your records.  After the form is submitted, a PDF copy will be downloaded.  If you chose to print and mail, you can save a copy of your return once the PDF is downloaded.

​Not at this time.  If you are expecting a refund, you may check the status at Please allow 2-3 business days before inquiring for updates.



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