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​​​​​​​​​This section of the Department of Revenue website is designed to provide information to the substitute forms and tax software development community.​

Announcements - Upcoming and Past Events


  • TY2018 Approved Tax Software List

  • TY2018 Approved 2D Barcode List 

  • TY2018 Approved Substitute Forms Development List

TY2017 Approval Lists




Business Income Tax MeF (BMF)

  • Production Status: Operational
  • Production Schema: TY2017 returns - KYBusiness2017v1.0; TY2016 returns - KYBusiness2016v1.0
  • Production Acknowledgement Status: Current - Sent within 2 working days of the download
  • ATS Status: Closed
  • ATS Schema:  KYBusiness2017v1.0

Individual Income Tax MeF (IMF)

  • Production Status: Operational
  • Production Schema:  TY2017 returns - KYIndividual2017v1.0; TY2016 processed in 2018 - KYIndividual2016v1.0
  • Production Acknowledgement Status: Current - within the 2 working day period from the date downloaded
  • ATS Status: Closed
  • ATS Schema: effective 1/16/2018 - KYIndividual2017v1.0

Fiduciary Income Tax MeF (ESTRST)

  • Production Status: Operational
  • Production Schema:  KYEstateTrust2017v1.0
  • Production Acknowledgement Status: NA
  • ATS Status:  Closed
  • ATS Schema: Effective 1/16/2018 - KYEstateTrust2017v1.0

Kentucky Department of Revenue Gateway

Withholding Tax
  • Production Status: Operational 
  • Production Schema:  KYStateWithholding2017v0.3
  • ATS Status: Open
  • ATS Schema:  KYStateWithholding2017v0.3

Need Help?/Contact Us:

Substitute Forms Contact List

E-Commerce Branch 

Phone 502-564-5370; select Option 2 - E-Commerce Branch and then select from the following options:

  • Option 1 - EFT
  • Option 2 - IIT /Fiduciary e-file
  • Option 3 ​​​- Corp  e-file
  • Option 4 ​​​- Withholding e-file/Bulk Filing

The Kentucky Department of Revenue conducts work
under the authority of the Finance and Administration Cabinet.