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62A395Sheriff's Report of Tax Claims Purchased for Taxing Districts
62A362Sheriff’s Report of Delinquent Personal Property Tax Bills Transferred to the County Clerk
62A362-ACertification (8/14)
62A367Authorization for Preparing Additional/Supplemental Property Tax Bills
62A367-AInstructions For Preparation of Additional/Supplemental Tax Bills and Official Receipt (2/2021)
62A372Sheriff's List of Orders Correcting Erroneous Assessments
62A372-ACertification (Attach to Revenue Form 62A372)
62A379Listing of Omitted Real Property
62A385Sheriff's Official Receipt for Property Tax Bills (11/18)
32A385-ASheriff's Receipt for Unpaid and Partially Paid Tax Bills (11/18)
62A386Sheriff's Official Receipt for Additional or Supplemental Property Tax Bill(s) (11/18)
62A393Sheriff's Property Tax Account Statement
62A393-AIncoming Sheriff's Property Tax Account Statement
62A393-BOutgoing Sheriff's Property Tax Account Statement
62A394Sheriff's Monthly Report of Property Tax Collections
62A358Receipt for Transferring Delinquent Property Tax Bills from the Sheriff to the County Clerk
62A358-SSupplemental Receipt to Document Timely Postmarked Payments Received After the Delinquent Tax Bill Transfer Date
62A359Sheriff’s Report of Real Property Tax Bills Transferred to the County Clerk (12-09)
62A359-ACertification Form for Form 62A359  (12/08)
62A373Certificate of Transfer for Property Tax Payment
62A380Notification of Updated Mailing Address
 Tax Collection Schedule Form (2015)

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